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Ontdek onze betaalbare fillers

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Hyaluronic acid fillers

The main ingredient in hyaluronic acid fillers is hyaluronic acid. This is a naturally occurring sugar found in our bodies, that gives the skin moisture, volume and elasticity. After injection, hyaluronic acid acts like a sponge that attracts water into the skin. As a result, it increases volume in the area where it was injected.
Hyaluronic acid also stimulates the production of own collagen in the skin. This means that often a less amount of filler is needed when you come for your maintenance treatment.
Good to know, a hyaluronic acid filler can always be partially or completely dissolved with hyaluronidase, an enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid.

Which filler brand should I choose?

There are nearly 400 different types of filler on the market. We only work with hyaluronic acid fillers from Belotero and Juvéderm. These brands have been on the market for a long time, so the results are predictable. These brands have a safety certificate (CE mark). You can use different brands of hyaluronic acid fillers interchangeably without problems. 

Hyaluronic acid fillers have a temporary effect and disappear automatically from the body over time. The duration depends on the filler and how it is used. On average you will enjoy the effect of these fillers for 6 to 9 months.

The right choice of filler brand depends on your budget, your doctor’s preference, and the area you want to have treated. In addition, skin conditions differ, so a certain brand may work for your friend, but may not be the best choice for you.