Botox for nostrils

Are you bothered by your slightly oversized nostrils? With a small amount of Botox in the nostrils, we can make your nostrils open less wide, making them look smaller.


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Make your nostrils look smaller!

You may be thinking, "nostril correction?" If that's the case, then you don't need one. But, there are a lot of people who look at their nose critically in the mirror every day because they are not satisfied with their nose. Are you bothered by your large nostrils? With a small amount of Botox in the nostrils, we can make sure that your nostrils don't open so wide, and they look smaller.


When do I see results and what can I expect?

The result is optimal after 2 weeks. So always wait 2 weeks before you can judge the result. If after this period you are not satisfied with the result of the treatment you are always welcome for a check-up appointment and, if necessary, follow-up treatment. This appointment should take place within 2 to 4 weeks after the treatment by your doctor. The effect of a botox treatment will last for about 3 months, after this we would like to see you again for a repeat treatment.

Treatment: 10 min.

Type of injectable: Botuline toxine (Botox)

Result: After 2 weeks optimal

Repeat advice: 3 times a year

Effect: Average of 3 months


The treatment

After we receive you in our clinic, a short conversation with the doctor follows. Then the treatment begins. With a very thin needle botox will be injected around the nostrils. This treatment takes only a few minutes and is almost painless.


What should I pay attention to after the botox treatment of the nostrils?

Immediately after the botox treatment you may see small bumps on the injection site or it may look briefly red, by the injected fluid. These normally disappear within 15 minutes after treatment. You can resume your activities immediately after treatment. Aftercare of a botox treatment is not necessary.

However, we advise against intense exercise and visits to the sauna or solarium in the first 24 hours after treatment. The treated area should not be massaged the first few days, just let the botox do its work. The effect will slowly take effect within 2 to 3 days and is maximum after 14 days.


What does a botox treatment of the nostrils cost?

This treatment costs €59

Botox, for over 15 years the most effective beauty treatment: safe and predictable.

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