Jawline accentuation or tightening with a filler

A tight and defined jawline exudes youthfulness and creates a powerful appearance. To achieve this effect, we use a firm filler.


Price filler jawline


* does not contain lidocaine (narcotic fluid).

A powerful appearance!

A tight and defined jawline exudes youthfulness and creates a powerful appearance.

To obtain clear contours of the jawline, we use a firm filler. We create a sharp, youthful jawline.


What can I expect from the result?

The effect of a filler is immediately visible. The actual end result can be seen after two weeks, because then the area is healed. On average, the effect of this treatment lasts 6 to 9 months, depending on your skin type and the type of filler chosen. During this period the filler is naturally, very gradually, broken down by the body. If you want to keep the result we would like to see you again!

Treatment: 25 min.

Type of injectable: Hyaluronic acid filler

Result: Immediately visible (after 2 weeks optimal)

Effect: Average 6 to 9 months


Treatment of the jawline

During your appointment or consultation, you will discuss your wishes with the doctor. He will advise you on the amount of filler needed to achieve the desired effect. If desired, we offer a numbing cream so you will hardly feel the injections. This cream should take effect for 10 minutes, please indicate when you enter if you want to use it.

Through small injections with a thin cannula (needle without a sharp point) the filler is distributed in the area. This treatment takes about 25 minutes.


What do I need to pay attention to after the treatment?

The treatment of the jawline has few side effects. However, sometimes there may be swelling and some redness. In a few cases you can suffer from bruising and small hematomas. These disappear within a few days. Five hours after the treatment, the puncture holes in the skin are closed and you can wear makeup again if desired. After the treatment you can immediately resume your daily activities.


Wat kost het om mijn kaaklijn te accentueren?

The price depends on the amount of filler needed to get the result that suits your needs. The doctor will advise you about this. In addition, the price depends on the brand of filler chosen. You can indicate your preference or let the doctor advise you. The costs will be discussed with you in advance so you will not be surprised.

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