Liquid rhinoplasty with filler

Many people are not completely satisfied with their nose. Are you bothered by a lump on your nose, or would you like an optically smaller and lifted nose?


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Nose correction

* does not contain lidocaine (narcotic fluid).

Get rid of that dent in your nose

Many people are not completely satisfied with their nose. Does a lump on your nose bother you or would you like to have an optically smaller and lifted nose? Then you can consider having surgery on your nose, but you can also choose a less invasive treatment, a liquid rhinoplasty.

However, this is only possible if you have not had surgery on your nose before. After nose surgery, there is a risk that blood vessels run differently, and this gives an increased risk of complications during a nose filler treatment.


What can I expect from the result?

The effect of a filler is immediately visible. The actual end result can be seen after two weeks, because then the area is healed. On average, the effect of this treatment lasts 6 to 9 months, depending on your skin type and the type of filler chosen. During this period the filler is naturally, very gradually, broken down by the body. If you want to keep the result we would like to see you again!

Treatment: 20 min.

Type of injectable: Hyaluronic acid filler

Result: Immediately visible (after 2 weeks optimal)

Effect: Average 6 to 9 months


Nose correction with hyaluronic acid filler

During your appointment or consultation, you will discuss your wishes with the doctor. If desired, we offer a numbing cream so you will hardly feel the injections. Prior to the treatment we offer you a numbing cream which minimizes the pain during the treatment. This cream must be left on for 10 minutes.

During the treatment the filler will be injected with a thin needle and/or cannula exactly where your nose should be corrected. This can be the nasal tip or the nose tip. In addition, if desired, the nasal tip can be lifted with a shot of Botox. We also call this the Tinkerbell nasal lip elevator. The nasal tip can be lifted up to a maximum of 4 mm with this.


What do I need to pay attention to after rhinoplasty treatment?

The treatment of the nose has few side effects. However, sometimes there may be swelling and some redness. In a few cases you can suffer from a hematoma. This disappears within a few days. Five hours after the treatment, the puncture holes in the skin are closed and you can wear makeup again if desired. After the treatment you can immediately resume your daily activities.


What does it cost to treat my nose with fillers?

We distinguish between a large and small rhinoplasty. A small correction with filler (filling in a single dent) costs 220 euros.

A larger correction with filler costs 260 euros. This extended correction includes a free follow-up treatment within 2/3 weeks if necessary.

Let our doctors advise you about the possibilities without any obligation on your part. You can contact Tiba or Nina for this procedure.

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