Dissolving filler with hyalase

Als je niet tevreden bent met het resultaat van een behandeling met hyaluronzuur, kan dit met een hyalase behandeling worden opgelost met een speciale vloeistof.


Price filler dissolving


The result a little too intense?

If you are not satisfied with the result of a treatment with a hyaluronic acid filler because the result is, for example, a little more intense than you had expected, it is nice to know that this filler can always be dissolved with a special liquid. We call this a hyalase treatment.


Will I see immediate results?

The fillers we work with can always be dissolved by means of a so-called hyalase treatment. We use a special liquid called Hyason for this purpose. This can be injected specifically into the area where the filler is located so that the hyaluronic acid is broken down by the body more quickly. The effect is visible within a few days!

Treatment: 15 min.

Type injectable: Hyason

Resultaat: After a few days

Effect: Permanent


Dissolving filler with Hyason

There is a chemical addition in the hyaluronic acid filler. This addition ensures that the hyaluronic acid chains are linked together with the result that the filler is not broken down by the body immediately after injection. Hyaluronic acid is simply a substance in the body! If you want the filler to be broken down, there is an enzyme called Hyason that can dissolve the hyaluronic acid molecules. This reaction is called hyaluronidase.

After a filler treatment, don't be too quick to think about a hyalase treatment if you find the result a little more intense than you expected. The area needs at least two weeks to recover and until then swelling can be present making the result seem heavier than the final result will be.

You are always welcome for a hyalase treatment. Even if you are treated with a filler in another clinic. Sometimes it is better to dissolve old fillers and start with a new 'canvas'.


What does a hyalase treatment cost?

Een hyalase behandeling kost bij ons €130 per behandeling.


A hyaluronic acid filler can always be resolved, even if you have been treated at another clinic you are welcome to come to us.

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